Born in Buenos Aires in 1950, Marta Maineri attended Drawing/Painting/Engraving/Murals at the School of Santa Anna in Buenos Aires. She has been mentored by masters such as Aurelio Macchi, Torrallardona, Berni and Omero Cappozzoli Emanueli.


Marta was an Arts Education's teacher in the Beata Imelda and Lasalle middle and secondary schools from 1972 to 1999. During this period she completed several murals of macro dimensions around Buenos Aires and attended the Fine Arts asters in Antonio Berni's Academy.

In 1999 she moved to Milan where she created the traveling exhibition on the "Eucharist" theme and composed two Altar pieces for "San Francesco's Church" in Lainate, Milan. In 2008 she obtained a Masters in "Sacred Art and Liturgy" by the European University of Rome.

During this period she the completed the restoration of the church of "San Giuseppe" in Lainate where she presented the first ever painting of the "Virgin Mary Untier of Knots" in Italy. In 2012 she completed the Altar piece on the "Virgin Mary Untier of Knots" for San Vittore's prison in Milan. A third version of the same Virgin can be found in the private conclave of the Vatican in Rome.

Marta is a member of the 'Il Baglio' Association, a group of international artists who use their commitment for the Liturgical Art of the Church.

She has presented exhibits of her work in Spain, Argentina and Italy. Her works can be found in churches and museums in Milan, Rome, Chieti, Reggio Calabria, Palermo, Monaco of Bavaria, Tokio,  Odense,  Buenos Aires and Madrid.

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